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Learn Trail Repairs & Bike Maintenance in a Day or Weekend Workshop

We may get older but riding bikes doesn't become any less special. Our toys also tend to become more expensive as our passion for the sport grows!

Whether you are a mountain biking fanatic or weekend warrior, knowing more about your trusty steed and it's components will help you look after your investment, equip you with the requisite knowledge to make better purchasing decisions going forward and substantially increase your enjoyment of this awesome sport.

Active Escapes works with only the best mechanics (some of whom have worked for professional teams) to reveal the tricks of the trade during this practical workshop.


Our Beginner / Intermediate Courses will cover the following topics:

    General bicycle maintenance: washing practice, lubrication, maintenance intervals
    Bicycle setup: saddle height & position settings, stem length, handlebar, gear shifter & brake-lever positioning
    Front & Rear Derailleur Settings: high/ low limit settings, B-Tension, Cable tension & replacements.
    Chain maintenance & repair
    V-Brake Setting: pad alignment & replacement, spring tensioning & cable tension
    Disk Brake Setting: calliper alignment, pad replacement, lever reach adjustments, bleeding & oil replacement
    Headset adjustment and service
    Trouble-shooting & Analysis
    Tech-Talk: the latest trends in componentry


1. Full Day Workshop - Practical Instruction, Lunch & Course Notes

  Price / PP
Min 4 Pax R600
5 - 6 Pax R550
7 - 8 Pax R500
9-12 Pax R450

2. Weekend Workshop - 1.5 Days Practical Instruction & Course Notes,
1 Nights Accommodation, all Meals and a Social Ride

  Camping Chalet Luxury B&B
Min 4 Pax R1300 R1400 R1600
5-6 Pax R1200 R1300 R1500
7-8 Pax R1000 R1100 R1300
9 - 12 Pax R900 R1000 R1200

* If you have a group of friends and a suitable venue, we can arrange for our instructor to come to you. Drop us a line now, and find out more.

a free day at Bulungula provides opportunity to regrease hubs and make a few trail repairs on the Wild Coast cycle tour
when home is a good few hours walk away, its imperative to know some basic trail repairs