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Hiking, Biking & Nature Holidays in a World Heritage Site

In the Eastern Cape of South Africa lies a stretch of land with a fascinating history. Known to many as the Wild Coast, the Transkei is its historical name and it is often referred to colloquially as 'the Kei. With its magnificent hills, indigenous forest, waterfalls, gorges and crashing surf; the Wild Coast is an absolute dream for walkers, fishermen and mountain bikers.

A former Bantustan in the Apartheid days, the Wild Coast has remained largely untouched as infrastructural improvements were obviously denied to this part of the country. From the Umtamvuma River in the north to Kei River in the south, the Wild Coast is famed for its never-ending green hills that roll into steep-sided ravines, pristine estuaries and golden miles of sandy beach.

Traditional amaXhosa lifestyles are still the norm; with colourful huts decorating the hillsides as Nguni cows graze their way down to the beaches where they tend to enjoy a quiet afternoon of wave gazing and contented mooing. A prized photograph for any visitor to the Transkei is that of a herd of Nguni chilling on the sand.

Although the dirt roads can be bumpy, the whole of the Transkei is completely accessible and is very tourist friendly with a major part of the area's income derived from tourism enterprises. Depending on whether you're a rough-and-tough kind of holiday maker verses someone who likes a hotel scenario, Active Escapes offers accommodation options to suit all taste's and budgets.

While fishing and surfing are popular Wild Coast activities, it is the miles of hard-pack beaches, jeep tracks, curvaceous hills and dirt roads that make this area a Mecca for mountain bikers and hikers. Passing aloes and sisal as you rise and fall with the terrain, dolphins, whales and sea birds are sure to keep you company along the way. Spending time on the Wild Coast is really about relaxing into its own special pace, a pace at which hidden secrets reveal themselves, from massive caves and dramatic waterfalls to feasts on local oysters and crays.

From the Pondoland region in the North, all the way through Coffee Bay and the southern Wild Coast, Active Escapes variety of hiking, slack- packing and mountain bike tours can be tailored to suit any group. For that true holiday feeling, the Wild Coast just can't be beaten.



    Run wild along sunkissed beaches and headlands whilst while we make sure your bags are transported to the foot of the next comfy bed and have the beers chilling on ice.


    Take a hike through the secluded northern stretch of the Wild Coast. Over-night in ensuite safari-style tented camps tucked away on an estuary or nestled behind the dunes.

    Pack the adventure of a Wild Coast ride into a long weekend on our 3 day Pondo-Pedal on the northern Wild Coast, from Port Edward - Mtentu.

Wild Coast - Tour Packages


hikers admiring the view on the trail between Coffee Bay & Hole in the Wall

The Wild Coast is a hiker's paradise. Walking from Port Edward in the north all the way down to Cintsa, Active Escapes offers a full spectrum of hiking & slackpacking trails to suit all levels of fitness, budgets and time constraints. From hotel-hopping to overnight's in traditional village homestays, we'll tailor-make a hiking trip to suit your needs and interests.

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trail runners on the Wild Coast

Running along miles of sunkissed beach and following local fishermen paths up & over the rocky headlands, you too can run wild with Active Escapes. Any of our Wild Coast hikes can potentially be arranged as a trail-run, but the lower wild coast with its well positioned hotels and network for luggage support, makes for an easy weekend of trail running, flying in & out of EL.

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catching a piggyback across a river, Wild Coast Cycle Tour

There's no better way to appreciate the diversity of this wild coastline than from the vantage of your saddle, as you wind your way from cliff-top to sandy bay, across grassy plateau and up forested tracks, passing friendly villages along the way. Following the popular route of the Imana Wild Ride, our supported tours offer more days to do the distance, making it as much a holiday with friends as an Epic MTB adventure.

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mountain bikers pushing up a sandy track after Mzamba river

Our 3 day Pondo-Pedal packs the adventure of Wild Coast riding into a cost-effective long weekend. Starting at Umtamvuna Nature Reserve you can enjoy the swooping berms of handcrafted single-track before crossing into the Eastern Cape. The trail makes its way to Mtentu camp - an ideal base for exploring Mkambati Nature Reserve before cycling back to Port Edward on the final day. Longer Pondoland trips can also be arranged.

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Take to the saddle and gallop along endless beaches and rolling green hills, or get up close and personal to non dangerous game on a horseback safari through private game reserves. Catering to all levels of riders, from half-day beach and game trails to multi-day trips, a horse riding holiday on the magical Wild Coast is one of those 'lifer' experiences.

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A holiday on the Wild Coast is really about easing into a more relaxed pace. It can be as active or as chilled as you like, which is why it makes a great destination for your next family or friend holiday. Active Escapes is particularly passionate about the Wild Coast and can assist with advice and reservations to good value & unique getaways that are well-off the tourist radar.

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