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Trail Running, Adventure Racing, Mountain Biking and more...

Active Escapes has become progressively involved with hosting and supporting outdoor events. From adventure racing, mountain bike races and trail running; we have our finger on the pulse of what gets competitive adrenalin pumping.

One of our key-stone events is the Jikeleza Jog, a 3 day multi-stage event held on the lower section of the Wild Coast. Traversing 80km of Indian Ocean coastline, the Jikeleza Jog is one of the best entry level races for first time event trail runners and those making the switch from road running to trail running. The Jikeleza Jog is an annual event, and is always held over a weekend of a full moon to take advantage of spring low tides and hardpack beaches. It is an exceptional athletic experience, and one that we are proud to have developed and made possible.

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  • running along hardpack beaches on the Jikeleza Jog


    Run wild along miles of empty beaches and hills, following the paths of sure-footed cattle and fisherman as your trail, on the 3 day Jikeleza Jog from Mazeppa Bay - Cintsa 

  • Rhino peak in the distance on the Giants Cup Hiking trail


    This trail in the Southern Berg, is accessible by road at a few key points, which means that trail runners are able to run most of the hiking trail over two full days, while their luggage is transferred ahead of them.

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