Manyoni Primitive Hiking Trail

This primitive hiking trail is a reset and reconnect with our ‘wilder’ selves. Hiking in the northern parts of Manyoni private game reserves, trailist’s will be getting back to basics: sleeping under the stars, taking nothing we want, but everything we need.

It is through reconnecting with nature, that we manage to rediscover ourselves.

  • Trip Duration3 Nights / 4 Days4 Nights / 5 Days
  • Daily Distancesvariable based on conditions and animal movements - but anything from 8-15 kms/ day
  • Trail Grading2-3 / 5 - Fitness. The pace is slow and you dont have to carry a heavy backpack, but heat and humidity can make it tougher going.2-3 / 5 - Technicality. Following game trails, and old service roads.
  • Trail Terrainriparian forests, open grasslands, bushveld and some hilly craggy topography
  • AccommodationTrue wild camping – bring your own sleeping bag and mozzie net. We will bring a waterproof tarp in case of rain, otherwise its sleeping under the stars.
  • Logistic SupportDaily luggage drop of main backpack and water in the proximal area of where you will make camp. 2 Experienced Wilderness Guides. End point collection and Conservation levies included. * You will need to supply your own backpack, sleeping bag & mat, food and cooking equipment.
  • Group SizeMin 4 maximum 8 trailist's
  • PricingBased on a group of 8 persons3 Nights / 4 Days: R4 800/pp4 Nights / 5 Days: R6 000/pp
At a Glance

Imagine a world where people are raised ‘rooted’. Connected to ancestral wisdom; moving forward with a sense of belonging to the earth. On trail, these parts of ourselves are given the chance to awaken.

Our Primitive Wilderness trails will be led by two professional trail guides on Manyoni Private Game Reserve. Trailist’s have the option of spending three or four nights in the wild. With no demarcated camp sites, the group determines the route and pace, with only the ‘coo-coo’ of the wood dove or the chatter from the vervets to lead your path.

A key differentiator on our primitive trail, is that we shall be providing water and luggage close to your overnight camping spot, which means you can walk unencumbered during the day. But the ethos of the ‘Primitive Trail’ remains key: minimising our footprint, night watches, and leaving no trace.

Trails will run on a minimum of 4 and maximum of 8 guests.

  1. Day 1Arrival Day

    Midday - Self-drive to Mavela Game lodge, Manyoni Private Game Reserve (3.5hr drive from Durban)

    Start hike out (approx 5km)

    Overnight: Wild Camp

  2. Day 2/3Explorations (8-15km/day)'

    Each day on the trail is determined by animal movements, conditions, trailist's interests and capabilities.

    Overnight: Wild Camping Sites

  3. Day 4Departure day

    After breakfast on the final day, you will be collected by game driive vehicle and back to Mavela where your vehicles have been left.

    We encourage a final night of pampering at Mavela

Following game trails through the grassland

Dry riverbeds make for great gateways

Wild Camping in its truest essence

You will need to bring your own sleeping bag and mozzie net

waterproof tarp provided for the group, otherwise its sleepping under the stars - just as it should be.

Firewood collection for the nights watch
A mornings coffee - wild style
  1. Do we carry our own backpacks?

    No. This is the key differentiation on our prmitive trails. You can hike with just a daypack and we will drop your main backpack and water off in the proximal area of where you will overnight. So primitive...but without the heavy burden of a full backpack.

  2. What gear must we bring?

    The intention behind these ‘primitive’ trails is to take nothing we want, but everything we need. You are encouraged to go as 'minimalist' as possible. The key essentials will be sleeping bag, mat, head torch, mozzie net, water bottle and your food supplies for the trail

  3. What is the best time of year for this trail?

    Winter months. The trail will be run from April until end of October

  4. Is malaria a problem here?


  5. Can we 'bathe' on this trail?

    Yes, when the opportunity presents itself – a dip in a river pool or a bird bath, does wonders.

Standard 3 Night/ 4 Days

Group SizePrice (PP) 
4 Persons
5 Persons
6 Persons
7 Persons
8 Persons

Standard 4 Night/ 5 Days

Group SizePrice (PP) 
4 Persons
5 Persons
6 Persons
7 Persons
8 Persons
Whats included in this tour
  • 2 x Big-5 Qualified Walking / Wilderness Guides
  • All meals - from dinner on arrival night to breakfast on departure day
  • Conservation Fees & Trail Levies
  • Game Vehicle for end point collection and transfer
  • Daily luggage & water drops
  • Mindfulness