About Us

Active Escapes is a small business which has been fine-tuning active and nature-based holidays since 2007. We offer a wide range of excellent hiking & slackpacking, mountain biking and adventure-based holidays, tweaked to your interests and energy levels. Whether it's an extreme mountain biking holiday, or a reflective breakaway, we’ll take care of the logistics so you can make it a reality.

Who is AE?

Sarah Drew is the founding member of Active Escapes. She completed her Masters in Geography, case studying different models of community based tourism along the Pondoland Wild Coast, worked as a tourism researcher, followed by some UK stints in events management on various EU initiatives.

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Where is AE?

Tucked away in the village of Hilton, Active Escape's head-quarters are in the adventure packed hills of the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands. With some of the country's best mountain biking on our doorstep, an hour’s drive from the hiking trails of the Drakensberg, and just 90km from (show to here) the warm surf of the ...

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Mission & Values

"Life begins at the end of our Comfort Zone",  Neale Donald Walsch

And how true this is. If you are reading this, then you more than likely in the minority who doesn’t need to worry about where your next meal is coming from. Through our modern lifestyles we have never been so “comfortable”; and yet as a society ...

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Sustainable Travel

Getting people to challenge their comfort limits, whilst reconnecting with nature, is at the heart of our business. But with this, we also acknowledge a responsibility. A charge to do more good than harm. Minimise wastage, reduce packaging, employ locally and pay fairly. Work to reduce our ecological footprint ...

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