Explore Wild Mountain Territory at the tail end of the Southern Berg

The Eastern Cape markets itself as the province of Adventure, and its backcountry and wild coastal terrain, provide the perfect fodder for such explorations.

The Eastern Cape highlands hug the craggy border of Lesotho and extend from one mountain pass to the next, criss-crossed by rivers and pinned by quaint villages. The communities that inhabit places like Rhodes, Wartrail and New England are a tad quirky, exceptionally friendly, and especially proud of where they live. Outdoor fun comes in the form of hiking, mountain biking, horse riding, fly fishing, rock art, 4x4 routes, and even winter snow sports such as skiing.

The 800km of Eastern Cape coastline – of which of the Wild Coast is our speciality – offers some of the most pristine and least-developed beaches in South Africa.

Best Season: Mar – Nov
Popular Locations:Rhodes, Wartrail, St Francis